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Full Version: Trigger Warnings - An Ongoing Glossary
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We encourage use of trigger warnings on this forum. What this means, is that if your thread includes descriptions or discussion of topics that could be triggering for others, we encourage you to include a short trigger warning in the subject line.

For example, if your post included mention of emotional abuse, you might include TW - Emotional Abuse in the subject line. This DOES NOT MEAN that you can then proceed to emotionally abuse people in the thread, of course. It simply provides a warning to anyone thinking about reading the thread, that emotional abuse is mentioned.

For ease or understanding, please see the following recommended trigger warnings.

TW - emotional abuse
TW - physical abuse
TW - rape
TW - incest
TW - sexual abuse
TW - assault and violence
TW - eating disorders
TW - self harm
TW - racism
TW - sexism
TW - ableism
TW - homophobia

Please note that while we encourage use of trigger warnings throughout the forum, they are required in designated safe spaces. Threads in safe spaces that mention triggering topics and do not have trigger warnings will be edited.
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