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These are The Rules
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These are The Rules
Please note that these rules are a work in progress.

1- No diet or weight-loss talk.

This is a HAES, body-positive, size-acceptance forum. If you want to discuss weight-loss, there are hundreds of forums where you'll be welcome to do so. This is not one of them.

2- No body snarking.

Part of size-acceptance and body positivity is accepting your own and others' bodies. We do not engage in snarking of other people's figures, whether they be ordinary people and celebrities. We do not put down our own bodies. Remember that however bad you feel about a given body part, there is almost certainly someone else on this forum who has the same body issue as you, possibly to a greater degree, and you just told them they should feel as ashamed as you do.

3- No thinspo, pro-ana or pro-self harm.

This should go without saying, but just in case anyone doesn't get it. Some members of the forum may be suffering through eating disorders or mental health issues. They may wish to discuss these issues. That is fine. But there will be no discussion of pro-ana techniques. No discussion of ways to conceal harmful behaviours. No graphic descriptions of body parts, techniques or events.

4- Use Trigger Warnings.

This goes doubly for safe spaces, but should be practised in all areas. If your thread contains discussions of subjects likely to trigger others, note this in the subject line. Moderators may edit your post to include a trigger warning if required. A glossary of useful trigger warnings to use is available in the Site Hub, Introductions area. Use it.

5- This is a feminist space.

Misogyny, misandry, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia etc will not be tolerated. We may be hostile to attitudes you would normally expect to be the norm elsewhere. If in doubt, there is a wealth of information in the 101 area and we very strongly encourage new members to make use of it. If moderators feel that you are not yet knowledgeable enough to engage in discussions on the main forum areas, you may be restricted to the Site Hub and 101 areas only, until you have had sufficient time to learn.

6- Respect your fellow members.

This is the internet. Websites and forums may attract people from a wide range of backgrounds – different religions, different cultures, different lifestyles. Remember that what might seem an oppressive lifestyle to you may feel like a source of strength for someone else. Remember that just because you would not choose a given lifestyle, does not mean that lifestyle is inherently wrong or bad.

7- Not everyone can do what you can do.

We will be discussing different types of exercise on this forum. But not everyone has the same physical ability. What is a gentle, easy activity for some may be painful, unsafe or impossible for others. Feel free to discuss what works for you, but don't act like your experience is universal. We all tailor our activity choices according to our own needs, abilities and desires.

8- The obvious stuff.

The moderators, supermoderators and administrators reserve the right to alter and shut down threads as required. We reserve the right to ban – temporarily or permanently – any member. These rules are a Work In Progress and represent the minimum behaviour we expect. You will not get a cookie for barely following the rules.
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